Unicorn Rainbow Lounge Pants (preorder)

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New Ultra soft cozy premium lounge pants campaign! 
URGENT UPDATE: Size chart has been updated.

Made with plush soft material and has an adjustable double-stitched waistband with a high quality rayon drawstring. Pockets are super thick and super warm and give your thighs a little extra cushion! Large size pockets that are perfect for storing your favorite snacks!
Unicorn / star appliqués glow in the dark!!

Features the KityCrylics logo for authenticity. 
Free* Mini pin with purchase of either lounge pants or lounge shorts. 
Limit 1 per purchase*
*Mock-up is simulation only. Final pin outcome will vary.

Estimated arrival: April/May 2022. 
Please be okay with the wait if you order! All sales are final and no cancellations are permitted.
Production sample update: Our finalized sample is now available for viewing!

Care instructions:

Hand wash recommended. If machine wash, wash on delicate cycle in cold water. Tumble dry low/medium heat. Do not dry on high heat as this may ruin or cause heavy strain on the soft material!

Size Chart Information:
Size chart has been updated with adjustments and updates! The final sample will be updated soon. 

Kity's measurements: 
Size Recommended: Large
Waist: 38"
Hips: 43"
Thigh: 21"
Height: 5'2 (36" from hip to floor)